Richard Kane – Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Richard Kane founded Inc. 500 company Coastal Technologies Group (CTGi) in 1996, which incubated the early development of Coastal Aviation Technologies. CTGi’s principal business was optimizing interstate telecommunications routings, handling over 300 million calls per day for a number of the largest regional telecom firms.
With over 20 years of proven experience in high–performance computing, Kane holds a number patents and copyrights and continues to lead R&D in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. He is widely recognized as being one of the early adopters of advanced cloud computing, and the ability to utilize massively parallel processing techniques for solving extremely complex, time-sensitive problems.
Richard is a commercial, instrument rated pilot with seven world speed records and one transatlantic single-engine crossing.  Kane is a lifetime member of the EAA and AOPA organizations, the latter for contributions to safety education.  He has been actively involved in the X PRIZE Foundation and also sponsored a Lindbergh Foundation Grant.  Both organizations seek to improve the world and the human condition by striking a balance between technology and the environment while advancing the pace of technological progress in answer to the grand challenges of our time.