Dale Klapmeier – Director

Dale Klapmeier co-founded Cirrus Aircraft  in 1984 and where he currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. Klapmeier  received the 2007 Dr. Godfrey L Cabot Award, the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) 2007 Freedom of Flight Award, Airport Journal 2006 “Living Legends” Aviation Entrepreneurs of the Year, EAA August Raspet, and 2004 Ernst and Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for Manufacturing.
Mr. Klapmeier is also involved on numerous boards and programs involving aviation. Mr Klapmeier is passionate about expanding all forms of aviation.
Since founding the company, Cirrus Design has grown into a global brand, with a formidable international sales and service network. Cirrus manufactures three models of aircraft, which include the best-selling aircraft for seven consecutive years, the SR22. Cirrus is currently developing a single engine jet, the Vision Jet, as Cirrus’ next offering. The Vision Jet is a revolutionary jet designed for the owner flow personal transportation segment of the GA market.
Mr. Klapmeier holds degrees in business administration and economics from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. As a private pilot Mr. Klapmeier has logged more than 4300 hours of flight time.