Private Aviation’s Most Advanced Fleet Schedule Optimization System

Coastal’s patented systems allow for unparalleled speed and power.  Our proprietary use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms  along with our advanced data center brings dramatic computing power to operators with no capital investment required.
Millions of potential schedule solutions are optimized and results delivered in minutes.  Coastal has the ability to bring hundreds of high speed servers together to manage a fleet of 200 aircraft virtually as fast as a fleet of 20 aircraft.
This means rapid recovery from maintenance, weather and other issues affecting operations.
Schedulers can save templates which allow for rapid assessment of alternative assumptions under  numerous “what if” scenarios:
      • What happens if turn times are reduced?  Which flights need to be adjusted in order to save deadhead time?

      • Are savings possible from increasing aircraft speed? 

      • What is the system effect of upgrading a customer’s aircraft?

      • What is the actual change is system cost from adding or eliminating a specific revenue flight?

      • Are there departure times that can be adjusted that would eliminate the need to deadhead?

      • Would I be better off outsourcing a particular flight with an approved partner’s airplane?
Schedule Optimization runs are shown in graphical format and chronological listings by tail number.   Key operating metrics, including the total cost of operations over the planned period of time, are summarized at the top of the display, allowing schedulers to quickly assess the potential efficiency improvements.

As Fleet Scheduling Complexity Increases, The Challenge To Achieve Efficiency Grows Exponentially


The rapid schedule optimization time means operators are able to rerun planned schedules throughout the day in response to mechanical, weather, and last minute flight schedule changes.
Our flexible pricing model virtually guarantees significant improvements in efficiency.


Danish engineer A.K. Erlang, the originator of traffic engineering and queuing theory, identified the core algorithm
that lies at the heart of many optimization systems.

One large network provides more effective capacity than separate networks of equivalent total size.  

However, numerous studies have shown human difficulty managing multiple variables simultaneously as the size of the network grows – which inevitably leads to sub-optimal decision making.
Coastal’s network planning models have shown a 25%+ increase in efficiency (Revenue Fleet Miles/Total Fleet Miles)  comparing one 33 aircraft fleet vs. three  separate 11 aircraft fleets (the network management studies have shown 11 aircraft to be the typical limit of individuals to efficiently manage).    As your fleet grows, so does the need to obtain planning tools.
Coastal’s Fleet Schedule Optimization systems currently in place have delivered efficiency improvements in the millions of dollars per year through reduced deadhead flights, as well as increasing the amount of time available for aircraft revenue production.   Our system can identify scheduling solutions that free up an entire aircraft, focus on reducing dead head time, and quickly ascertain the best way to recover from irregular operations.