About Coastal Aviation Technologies

Coastal was founded over 15 years ago to bring about improvements in private aviation logistics, availability distribution and revenue management. As a multi-billion dollar industry, private aviation has been driven by technology applications that were decades behind other industries. The combined factors of highly dynamic schedules, a very high level of fragmentation, and lack of transparent or fixed pricing, AI-based technology represented the only viable way to bring the industry forward.
We have developed an array of tools that enable operators to realize improvements that include:
Supporting flight scheduler departments with optimized future schedules
Creating a real-time aircraft availability search engine that dynamically costs out new trip requests
Solving the logistical problems of floating fleet locations and availability
Providing AI-based Revenue Management systems that address the reality of negotiable air charter prices
Integrating Preferred Partner flight schedules and availability to optimize across multiple charter companies
Our management team is led by individuals with decades of executive-level experience in airline operations, revenue management, flight scheduling and AI-based high performance computing. We believe we have created transformational technology applications that have proven their ability to increase profitability and efficiency across all types of business models and operating fleets.
Coastal’s cloud-based systems current utilize hundreds of high-speed Xenon processor cores simultaneously, giving the system architecture almost unlimited scalability to handle literally thousands of operator aircraft schedules concurrently.
Years of practical experience have allowed Coastal to overcome the most complex and persistent problems associated with online real-time availability and pricing. Mixing aircraft operated under traditional aircraft management agreements, floating fleets and block charter agreements with dozens of different revenue trip types – and scheduling rules – are the keys to offering true, reliable availability information, each with operating costs that are specific to individual aircraft.